Sunday, September 27, 2015

New Plymouth August 2015 - Day 3

Time to go home. We had plenty of time, so decided to drive out of town a little way, to get a country photo of 'my' mountain.
But then, you know , there could be a better view a bit further along.

Perhaps just a little further round the mountain?

(Taken just before Mac got attacked by the sea = very wet shoes and trousers.)

The sign says it's open Mondays, but directly underneath said it was closed. Annoying.

More mountain. So much gorgeousness, so many photos.

And then - up the mountain a little way.

 The longest continuously operating power station in the country.

 Carrying on around the mountain - so perfectly Taranaki.
 It was a very long way home, and I was a little sad to leave, but..... nearly home:

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