Sunday, September 6, 2015

Paihia July 2015 - Day 4

Time to head home. But first it was time to return one last time to the wonderful Ngawha Hot Springs. We'd been every night except Saturday night, and  so we decided to go back before coming home. These hot pools are pretty primitive. There's no worry about people getting meningitis from putting their heads under - nobody would even think of doing so. But despite the colour of the water they were wonderful. Actually, the colour of the water is because of the minerals, which are, in turn, why they are so effective at healing. It was sad to leave them behind - there is nothing like it near us, since the Waingaro pools closed.
 The white, cold pool - only Heidi was brave enough, though Steven got in to about his knees.
 Mac in the pool in the foreground, Steve and Heidi in the pool behaind him.
It was so nice to have a winter break away we decided to do it again - New Plymouth in August!

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