Sunday, September 27, 2015

New Plymouth August 2015 - Day 2

 Saturday morning we decided to do the coastal walkway. Simon and Rebecca rode their bikes from the beginning somewhere south of the wind wand, to the other end and back, all in the time it took Mac and I to walk from most beautiful bridge in the world, to the wind wand.
We passed whitebaiters near the river mouth.
Another view of the bridge.
West coast beaches are my favourite.
 Somewhere along the way we met Simon and Rebecca and I tried riding Rebecca's bike. I hadn't forgotten how! When we got to the wind wand, we walked across the square to have lunch with Simon and Rebecca, and then they went back to the house, while Mac and I rode their bikes back to the bridge and our car. I think I want a bike now - it was fun, and after years of not being able to ride a bike sitting down, because of a painful strangeness in my left knee, I find it is cured!

We returned to the house and after a cuppa and a rest, we went to see the Tupare Gardens which were recommended by a friend of Mac. It was so beautiful and I'm keen to visit again in other seasons.

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