Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I'm only just really starting to feel like I have a little bit of energy again - and on Friday I'm off to Womad! The wedding of my second son, and the lead up to it was tiring. So much emotional energy involved in a wedding, but even more so when #3 son left at 6am the morning after the wedding to go and live in Wellington. Both of them were already living away from home, but somehow the fact that Steve is now married, and Simon 8 hours drive away instead of just 35 minutes, (as well as the fact that my 'baby' (17) is working full time at the moment) has somehow left me feeling slightly bereft.

But the wedding went well. The ceremony that Steve and Heidi put together was beautiful. They were married in the Taitua Arboretum, exactly three years since their first date - a walk in the arboretum. But I won't write lots about it - I'll just show some of pictures instead.

the groom's men: Ring Boy, brother Simon, friends Jarrath and James

wedding music was played by members of Steve's old recorder ensemble, including brother Jeff

Steve's older niece, my granddaughter, was the littlest bridesmaid
(his baby niece was a bit young for the job at just 9 days old!)
(thanks to the wonderful Jen for this photo)

nephew / grandson taking time out from just watching

Mac's and my family, those who were there
(thanks to the wonderful Jen for this photo too)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Burger Night

The boy's gone to the city tonight,
meeting his mates at Starbucks.
Then it's burgers and fries and

hanging out in main street.

We're eating out tonight too.
Burgers and kumera chips
from the Camp Store just
down past the ablution block,
near the skate board bowl.

Sitting on a rug looking out
past the fronds of flax pods,
and past the fishing boat
coming carefully over the bar

heading home for the night;

north along the sand dunes
of the wild west coast;
west over the black surfers waiting
for the last waves of the day;

south to the absurd fluffy pink
fine-day's-end clouds
outlined in liquid gold
by the last sliver of sun.

Eating out:
best table in the house.