Sunday, September 6, 2015

August Reading


Road Ends by Mary Lawson
A friend reviewed this book at my monthly Book Club. She said it has a lovely cover, was very well written, but that it was dreadfully depressing, being about multi-generational dysfunctional families. I would agree with all of that except the 'depressing' part. I really enjoyed the book, despite the dismal aspects, because it was also about people struggling through the mire of dysfunction, and despite some very sad bits, by the end most of the people were starting to find their ways to move beyond. Not in a 'happy ever after' way, but more in a 'facing up to reality' and finding ways to live life better way. I'll be looking for her other books for sure.

H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald
Brilliant writer - except I couldn't finish it. It's the story of her grief after her father's death and her training of a goshawk, mixed with the story of T.H.White, author of The Once and Future King, who had also owned and trained a goshawk. As I said, beautifully written, but I don't find reading about either falconry or grief uplifting.

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