Sunday, May 10, 2009

Book making

I've decided that I really am going to build up a decent quantity of stock and have a go at selling at the Raglan Market, though wet, cold, winter weather makes the prospect daunting. Apart from the physical misery, there's the problem of trying to keep paper goods dry!

Oh, what one can achieve when left alone for hours on end on Mothers Day:

This one is a lot greener than it looks in the photo.

Plus one from a couple of days ago:

Monday, May 4, 2009

Empty Nest 3

The fear of loneliness
has become reality
now my twenty eight years
of days shared with sons
has come to a gradual end.

A walk on the ocean beach
on a sun-shiny winter day,
holding hands along the sand
with my man, their father,
shadowed by a new cloud of fear:

Please, PLEASE!
Any god who will listen!
Don't let us become
that couple with two dogs
on long, red leashes and
a third fluffy, white precious
carried like a baby
in a designer front pack!