Sunday, September 6, 2015

Paihia July 2015 - Day 1

So there I was in the middle of winter, starting to feel that dullness, that deadening feeling, that is the hint of warning that all is not quite right inside my head. Then Heidi commented on how long it was since we had been away together, and how she missed those times - and I agreed. I looked at the website of the NZ Railway Welfare Society, to which we still belong, and found two options for a few days away - Napier and Paihia. I ruled out Napier because of the risk of road closure (which did indeed happen) and ruled in Paihia because it would be warmer (it was not!)

 The holiday flat proved to be seriously cold - they were totally unprepared for morning frosts and icy winds from the south. On the up side, the Bay of Islands is spectacular when the sun is shining.

 We walked down to the wharf to meet up for lunch with friends from Morrinsville, whose holiday overlapped ours by just one day.
 Mac waited on this beautiful mosaic seat.

 First Eileen appeared,
 then Colin, after parking their car.
We had lunch with a view.

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