Tuesday, May 31, 2016

April Holiday: Picton to Nelson

Sailing away from Wellington by ferry has always felt like the beginning of an adventure, and this time was no different.

By the time we got to Picton it was dark, and we were glad we had booked a cabin for the night. Had a lovely meal that catered for me vegetarian and gluten-free wise, but had a few more carbs than I should have had, diabetes wise.

Next morning we headed to Nelson via Queen Charlotte Sounds. Such a beautiful drive. It took us ages as we drove slowly and stopped lots, including going for a one hour walk at one point.



 This was the noisiest tree ever - it was chocka with nesting shags.


Nelson at last.
Tenting instead of getting a cabin. This was a mistake. It was really cold, and the dew made everything as wet as if it had rained all night.
In the evening we saw this wonderful movie - a new kiwi classic.

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