Friday, June 3, 2016

April Holiday: Golden Bay

On Tuesday we went to visit the tutor of the willow weaving workshop. Because I had bought cuttings from him, and then come to the workshop, he invited us to go see his willows growing. The main thing I learned was that I had planted them in totally the wrong place!

Something I loved about Golden Bay was the way people were so friendly. Someone like Peter living in the Waikato would not be nearly so open and friendly, not because of anything inherent in their personality, but simply because they would be overwhelmed with visitors. Peter showed us all around his property, and then we sat and chatted for about an hour in the sunshine, with coffee and biscuits. I was glad I had taken some jars of my homegrown honey, so could offer a gift.
 A 'kiln' for boiling willow.

Our next stop was Pohara Beach, a long golden beach with just a handful of people present, even though it was school holidays. The beaches are shored up with large boulders that have been brought in and which were full of fossils!

Driving a little further we came across the Able Tasman Monument. What a bunch of crazies, to set out across unknown seas - but I'm glad they did.

The rest of our day was spent visiting The Grove and The Labyrinth, both of which feature amazing and beautiful rock formations. The Grove was especially beautiful.

 The Labyrinth was.....odd.....
..... as warned about on the notice. Somewhat tacky to an adult, but I'm sure kids would just plain love it.


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