Wednesday, June 1, 2016

April Holiday: Nelson and Surrounding Area

We had been to Nelson a couple of times before, but it was good to have a chance to have a look around the area again.
The first visit was to my friend, Raewyn. I had only met her in person once before, back in 1999, when Steven, Simon, Jeff and I went and stayed on their farm at Port Ligar, but have known her through the internet for far longer than that one visit suggests. Raewyn now lives in Nelson in a gorgeous house built by Italian settlers. Her garden shed is a delight, with it's wonderful mural. It was great to catch up again, and once again, I love how she is in real life exactly how I know her from the online world.
Our next stop was the NZ Classic Motorcycle Museum. We were lucky to see it, as it closed at the end of May. Very sad for Nelson, but the elderly owner needed out. However, I have just googled it and discovered that the magnificent collection has been bought and is being moved  - finally, a reason to visit Invercargill!


Such beautiful weather, we couldn't stay inside any more, and so walked to the top of a hill overlooking Nelson. It is 'the center of New Zealand' by one definition, anyway!

The next day we just drove around the extended Nelson area.
 We had lunch at Mapua, a picnic in the sunshine....
 .... and bought ridiculously expensive, locally made gloves, and the yummiest hot chocolate ever.
 We drove a long way round to get back to Nelson, taking in the country side, including the hops growing.
 Friday morning. Time to head off to Golden Bay, but first lunch at Jesters, Tasman. (After being sidetracked at The Bead Shop in Nelson and its half price sale.) 

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