Tuesday, May 31, 2016

April Holiday: Palmerston North - Wellington

We don't often get away on holiday for more than a weekend, because it isn't easy to get house / animal sitters. We were very lucky this time to have a friend willing to come up from Wellington for two weeks holiday. I've known her for years through homeschooling email lists and then Facebook, during which time she's moved from Auckland to England to Ireland to Wellington and now I've finally met her in person. And despite all the horror stories about internet friendships, Pippa turned out to be exactly like she presents online, and we left totally at assured that she would look after everything wonderfully well - and she did.

We headed first to Palmerston North where, after booking into a cabin in a camping ground, we went to visit Jeff and Konny. We had a delicious meal cooked by them and the people they are living with, Sandra and Matt. A great start to our holiday.

Next morning I got up and, after breakfast, went for a walk in the park next to the camping ground. What a lovely place! I walked through lawns and exotic trees, native trees, and along the river bank.

 Later we went for another walk here with Jeff and Konny. Then it was into the centre to have a look around.

 Outside the library.

 3-D printer at the library.

 After a second night in Palmerston North, we said goodbye and headed for Wellington and the ferry. It was so nice to see Jeff and Konny and to be able visualize them in their new place.

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