Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mac's Fishing Trip

The plan was to go out for two days and a night on a fishing boat, fishing mainly for Halibut. That got reduced to one day, and on a different boat from the one Steve usually goes on, which was out of action. They didn't catch many fish, and the trip was not very comfortable, but a great experience nonetheless. While Mac was having a turn driving on the way home, he had to break for a grizzly bear that stepped out in front of the car, reared up and then ran away - unfortunately no photo of that.

The trip to down to Valdez - it's a very beautiful country:

On the boat:

Back on shore:

Steve and Ray:

Then it was off to Chitna, where they set Ray's fish wheel in action before sleeping. In the morning they harvested the salmon from the wheel before heading home.

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