Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fairbanks Antique Car Museum

On Heather's recommendation, Mac, Steve and I paid a visit to the vintage car museum. Over the years I've visited a few of these, including the vast National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, in England, but this museum in Fairbanks is definitely my favourite to date. All but a couple of the cars (ones on loan) were perfectly restored, but more than that, each came with a story relevant to Alaska's history. There were beautiful enlarged and restored photos on the walls, all adding to the story of Alaska's motoring history. There were movies of early motoring occasions. And there were costumes which showed what people were wearing at the time. And although it was big enough to hold a lot of interest, is was small enough not to be overwhelming. here are a few photos - if you are keen to see more their website is filled with photos and details.

Another obligatory tourist shot.

The workshop - scarily clean and tidy!

Don't you just love that jacket on the right? Some things are so ghastly they are wonderful!

Too fabulous for words - I WANT this car!

 And outside the museum - a cross little chipmunk.

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