Thursday, July 7, 2011

Alaska - Around the Seefeldt Home

 The Seefeldt house stands on a two acre section, surrounded by grass and trees. Because of the weather  people don't have flower gardens as we know them. many, including the Seefeldts, have potted plants and hanging baskets, and Steve has a thriving vegetable garden. The property is surrounded by native trees and plants including raspberries. It is very different from my accustomed environment, but very lovely too.




Johanna Knox said...

It looks lovely, but as you say, so different. What is it about the weather that's no good for flower gardens? Is it the cold? (Pardon ignorance.)

Cally said...

Johanna, winter is cold. Like not unusual to get to -40 (and that's the same whether your using degrees F or C). The lowest on record was -66F (-54C)and there is a low of snow. Furthermore although it stays light 24 hours a day in mid summer, it's dark in winter.

So our kind of flower garden just isn't going to make it! They have lots of annuals in baskets and pots.

But for you, Supreme Forager, - wild raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and several other types that I can't remember!