Thursday, July 7, 2011

Georgeson Botanical Gardens

After the visit to Calypso Farm we went on to meet up with Heather at the Georgeson Botanical Gardens where Steve's friend Katie, showed us around the Gardens. Sadly funding has been cut so much of their research has also been cut - typical of the short-sightedness of politicians. (Alaska may be almost as big as the rest of the states put together, but with such a small population, it doesn't have much voter importance.)

 Growing giant vegetables seems to be a national sport - these babies are just starting out.
 Heather, Cally, Steve and Katie

Yes! Katie keeps bees too. 

Katie gets her bees from northern California, and at the end of the season they are destroyed. They have few problems from pests or diseases, but the cold of the winter is too harsh for easy wintering over. I have read on the internet of people who try to winter over, with varied success, but even when they succeed, they often have to import more bees to build up the strength of the hives.
  Katie seem surprised that I was familiar with top bar hives.

I want a sign like this!

Peonies grow large and beautiful, and at a time of year when they don't grow anywhere else. Here at the Botanical gardens they are researching commercial growing - and Steve is also involved in weed control methods for peony growing.

Children's garden.

A math garden - how to spoil an interest in gardening!

 A new cordwood building - anyone interested in this type of building in New Zealand could contact Brian and Jo.


Having finished our tour, and Susan having finished her shift at the library, we met for a late lunch in the sun beside the river.

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