Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Habit Learned

A small gift from a friend several years ago has grown and blossomed.
For the first time in my life that I can remember, I have deliberately formed a healthy habit! On 24 February I was told I had diabetes. A couple of days later I started walking each morning. First to the mailbox and back. 600m each way. Then to the short end of the road and back. 1k each way. I wanted to be realistic, having failed exercise goals very quickly in the past. So I'm sticking to the 2k each morning. I've only missed a few mornings since then, and only when I had to get somewhere early. So pretty much seven days a week I walk 2k after feeding the animals. I always had in mind that I'd use the treadmill instead in bad weather, but have only done that once. 
There are still pumpkins needing collecting.
Today it was cold - snow fell on Ruapehu overnight - and raining. I thought of the treadmill, which bores me rigid, especially with no radio or tv at the moment, then put on a raincoat and walked my 2k to the end of the road and back. I think being happy to walk in the cold and rain confirms that the habit is formed.

The lemons are finally ripening at a rate that means no more rationing.
A good habit! I hope it will prove to be as strongly addictive as the alcohol and cigarettes that were so hard to give up.
The crazy warm weather means my beloved wild carrot is still flowering.....
It's so great to be outside, even in the rain. By the time I got back it had reduced to just a few spits, so I went for a little wander to see what happening around the land.
and the pumpkin plants continue to live with optimism. 
 My hens do not have names, they are not pets....except that this one has been living at the back door since a couple of days after we got back, as she couldn't stand, let alone walk. Now she is Chickee, and has made peace with the Spike The Cat, and friends with Bob The Dog. She is walking again now, but shows no sign of heading down the hill to rejoin the flock. Instead she wanders / hobbles off during the day, and comes back to her box at night.

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