Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Best Kind of Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend two weeks ago. It was the first time for a few years that we had fireworks - our cow got more and more crazy each year so we stopped but now she is gone we were able have the again. It was so nice to spend the evening with all our sons and some of our closest friends, although I did miss the friends who spent our first Guy Fawkes night with us. The Seefeldt family moved back to the USA nearly 10 years ago after spending two years in Hamilton. I miss my friend Susan so much - but thank goodness for the internet.

They were too late for the bonfire and fireworks, but my oldest son, Greg, arrived to stay a couple of nights with his new girlfriend, and with two of his children, Ti'ana (8 1/2) and Ethan (7). There were still some sparklers left for them even after the big kids had their share. As usual, we had a bunch of people stay over for the night, which is always fun - instead of that flat 'it's all over' sensation, our parties seem to drift on over the whole weekend.

The next day Greg and Maggie picked up Greg's daughter, Sam (2 1/2), and stepson, Dylan (8 1/2) and first on the agenda was a visit to the Raglan skate park so that Ethan could try out his new full size skateboard that Greg and I bought him.

 The grass really needs cutting - Sam looks so cute but there was a very real possibility of her getting lost!

 Ethan found a big kid at the skate park who helped him with a few tips. The kids at the Raglan skate park are always so friendly and patient with the little guys.

 Ti'ana mostly played on the snake board, but borrowed the scooter from Dylan for a little while.

 In the afternoon a bunch of us went for an adventure in the bush, starting at the bottom of the driveway.

 Through the trees......

and past the River Pirates' tipi.

Dylan, Ti'ana and Ethan
Past a small waterfall.

 Up a hill.....

 Why have they stopped?   Bob is keen to keep moving!

 I do so love the rimu trees in our bush.


 Ethan and Ti'ana had fun on the tyre swing while Dylan and I went to look at my beehive. Dylan is fascinated and asked many very thoughtful questions.

 The goats were slightly bemused at so much unusual activity.

 Ethan ran ahead to check for eggs in the chook run.

 Homeward bound - time for a cuppa and a rest - yeah, right!

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