Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's 'just' how you look at things...

Standing in the dining room this morning, folding the washing, and thinking that I really needed to get out and weed the overgrown garden, a thought crossed my mind: if I was well, instead of being so SAD and depressed, what would I be doing?

I'd be standing in the brilliant sunshine, folding the washing and looking forward to getting outside in the fresh air tending my garden.

All I have to do is get from here to there: I'm on that path, but it's very overgrown, and the way is not clear at all.

PS After a day of gardening in the sunshine and fresh air, I am knackered but feeling a lot better, psychologically. (The path's still overgrown but the garden's a lot less so.)


Joan said...

Thank you for following my blog Cally. You sound so sad here. How are you now? I hope spring has brought you lots of joy and renewed energy...

Cally said...

Thank you Joan: as well as being a little medicinal dose of sunshine, you message also reminded me that I needed to update my blog, rather than leave people wondering if I had fallen back into the chasm of despair!

I am a lot better, and have been working hard both on my own, and with a clinical psychologist.

Just so you know, I came on your blog via Juliet's blog - I bought her book, Dancing With the Seasons recently. I was attracted to your blog by several things. You make books - different from mine, but I am always attracted to people who make books! You live not to far from me. You used to live at Te Pahu on Pirongia: I was introduced to Juliet's Celebrating the Southern Skies by a friend who lives at Ngutunui, my husband grew up in Te Rore, and I spent my first 5 years at Koromatua, and lived in Hamilton for many years before moving to Kauroa. You like Leonard Cohen too (I so envy you going to his concert!)

Mostly I want to tell you that I really enjoy your blog, with its beautiful photography, lovely words, and the impression that you are where I would like to be - content to enjoy the so many small, beautiful moments in life. I find your blog inspiring.

Thank you :)