Monday, May 4, 2009

Empty Nest 3

The fear of loneliness
has become reality
now my twenty eight years
of days shared with sons
has come to a gradual end.

A walk on the ocean beach
on a sun-shiny winter day,
holding hands along the sand
with my man, their father,
shadowed by a new cloud of fear:

Please, PLEASE!
Any god who will listen!
Don't let us become
that couple with two dogs
on long, red leashes and
a third fluffy, white precious
carried like a baby
in a designer front pack!


Ruth said...

I love your humour :) in this poem. Such a bitter sweet thing. {{HUGS}}

Johanna Knox said...

Yes ... oh gosh. Lot's of truth here I think.

(Since finally accepting that I will not have any more children I find, oddly, that I like our cat better than I used to! Hmm ...)