Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Independence Days

Quince jelly - Cape Gooseberry Jam - Feijoa jelly

I love the idea of the Independence Days movement - it seems it has grown sufficiently to be called a movement. It's the reality that I'm struggling with! I certainly could do it daily, and indeed, I'm struggling to do even half of it weekly. But I guess the important thing is being aware, and striving towards the goal. So the following is what I have achieved over the past week.

* Plant Something - failed there!

* Harvest Something - the last of the chestnuts, apples, feijoas, parsley, lemons, cape gooseberries, potatoes, New Zealand spinach, a few tomatoes - this section looks a bit better, thank goodness.

* Preserve Something - fruit chutney, bottled apple, cape gooseberry jam, froze chestnuts

* Reduce Waste - I made a determined effort to remember my reuseable shopping bags, going back to the car for them, rather than ask for a plastic bag (It's not so long ago that I was told at The Warehouse that I had to have a pink plastic bag for 'security reasons', and now you have to ask for a bag and, I think, pay for it.) I also took as much of my shopping from the bulk bins at Frankton Organics, using their plastic bags (which are later composted) rather than buy the prepackaged food.

* Preparation and storage - Spent a bit extra when shopping, to start building reserves for the first time. Toilet paper was first on the list (I remember childhood days, living in the country without a car and having to use torn up newspaper - yuk!), rice, beans, lentils, and a few extra cans.

* Build community food systems - not much here - have made a feijoa cake to take to a friend's place tonight, along with a jar of cape gooseberry jam (if it has set.) I'm a fairly private person and find it hard to get involved, as well as living out in the country.

* Eat the food - well, I have done that! But nothing new or adventurous.

Oh well, maybe better next week, though as winter has arrived it will be harder I suspect. But I'm feeling that the really important thing is to become aware - without constant awareness, it is all so easy to slip into a lazy I'll-do-it-tomorrow way of living.


skatey katie said...

i get a bit hoardy as the days get colder too - need to up the rice, beans and lentils lol.
love all your jellies - my mum used to make a cape gooseberry thing in my childhood. no one else knew what they were lol X

Johanna Knox said...

Oh, lovely. Your quince jelly looks like it set better than mine! And what does Cape gooseberry jelly taste like? Sounds nice.

Cally said...

feijoa jelly, cape gooseberry jam. I can't describe tastes! Just Cape Gooseberry jam is my absolute favourite jam. And Cape Gooseberries grow like weeds, so are very satisfactory - no effort involved. I collect them as they are ready, eat a few, pop a few in the freezer, until I have enough to make jam.