Friday, March 7, 2008

Burger Night

The boy's gone to the city tonight,
meeting his mates at Starbucks.
Then it's burgers and fries and

hanging out in main street.

We're eating out tonight too.
Burgers and kumera chips
from the Camp Store just
down past the ablution block,
near the skate board bowl.

Sitting on a rug looking out
past the fronds of flax pods,
and past the fishing boat
coming carefully over the bar

heading home for the night;

north along the sand dunes
of the wild west coast;
west over the black surfers waiting
for the last waves of the day;

south to the absurd fluffy pink
fine-day's-end clouds
outlined in liquid gold
by the last sliver of sun.

Eating out:
best table in the house.

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