Friday, February 22, 2008

Wedding creations

With S & H's wedding on Sunday, poetry has been forgotten, and I've been busy creating various other things. My granddaughter, Steve's niece, is to be a flower girl which, of course involves, apparently, having "a basket of petals to throw at people." So , as well as making her dress, I bought a basket, threaded bridesmaid dress scraps through it, and made a bag for the petals which is attached to the basket.

H & I have made flags with the surnames of all the grandparents, and I cut bamboo and attached the flags which will fly in the redwood circle at the arboretum during the ceremony - or in the hall I guess, if the weather continues with its high winds and rain.

Tonight I made a gluten free, vegan heart-shaped cake so the bride can have some wedding cake at her own wedding!

And today I also finished the wedding album I made for their photos:

I stamped the black cover paper with bronze and gold ink using the beautiful Indian stamp that S & H bought me last year from Trade Aid. Inset into the front cover is one of the invitations to their wedding.

There are beads sewn into the binding, and also on the front cover.


kate5kiwis said...

ooo cally, love it all.
you know how some people *have* to exercise every day to feel alive>>> i need to *create* something to feel energised.
love yours X

Shell (in NZ) said...

Incredible Cally...wowowowowowowow.
That is so beautiful. I hope the wedding was wonderful, and the yget a nice honeymoon. Of course al itle flowergirl will need ot throw petals *at* people :0)

Pebbles said...

Well said.