Sunday, February 3, 2008


the moon's gone
after shining white
almost as bright as day

through the small mean hours

and though it's darker
than it was
at four a.m.
birds which were quiet then
have woken

magpies debate
in the tall trees of the bush
while smaller birds

and the clunk of the feeder
tells me the chooks
are hoping I replenished
their supplies whilst they slept

night has been declared done

(Chooks = chickens, hens)


Anonymous said...

Hi Cally,
Just popped over from Debs wee blog to say hi!
Love your poem(s). And I say that as a wannabe poet who can sometimes string a word or two together, not just to say it.

Cally said...

Thank you :-) I've just had a quick look at your blog and plan to return to read more when I'm not quite so tired - been in town on wedding business =sigh=

Anonymous said...

Oh, who is getting married? I guess there is a lot to organise with weddings, probably why so many people don't get married lol.

Cally said...

My #2 son, Steve is getting married. It's not the organising that's the problem - it's who's doing it!! Propective mother-in-law riding roughshod over everything the kids want. Grrrrr

Anonymous said...

Lol, one of those huh? Perhaps they should whip off and elope ;)