Friday, June 8, 2018

ICAD 2018 - Week 1

Each week has a theme and prompts, but there is no pressure to follow these - they are offered as an option. The theme for week one was 'Inspired by typography, symbols, fonts, words, graffitti, found text, definitions, poetry, lists. The prompts I will show by the photos even when I have not followed the prompt. I am not doing well this week (SAD, thinking about the stroke and it's lingering effects, and a cold) and my efforts have been pretty halfhearted. Plus the first week prompts were all based around fairgrounds, mainly rides, of which I am far from fond! But I'm trying to keep going, even if it's something very simple and boring. Art every day for 61 days. No matter how simple, it will, hopefully establish a good habit.

The other thing I'm trying to do is to not feel so ashamed of the things I try that I rip them up and throw them away before anyone catches a glimpse of the mess. I'm trying to be proud of trying. It was never going to be easy for me with my history, and I am finding it even harder with the black dog snapping at my ankles. That said, the following are my first week's efforts.

1/61 rollercoaster

2/61 Not fireworks (instead, an attempt at drawing a gum leaf)

3/61 Not tilt-a-whirl (instead, my word of the year)

4/61 not a ferris wheel (instead, a word I have been thinking about - see my previous blog if you are interested)

5/61 queue or line. I've never liked or been good at queuing, and have been known to queue  for the wrong thing....

6/61 Not a carousel aka merry-go-round, but inspired by the concept of round / circles

7/61 haunted house. I was tired and unwell and the black dog was biting.

Tomorrow I WILL feel better.....

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