Saturday, January 28, 2017

Weed Walk

I try to go for a walk most days, if only down the drive and to the short end of the road - which is just 1 km each way. I love how I see different flowers aka weeds each time.
I know these are noxious weeds, but the only way to get rid of them would be lots of poison, which would also poison the stream, so I just have to breathe and enjoy their glorious orange flowers.
There's the daisies, and then there's even more daisies: those tiny white dots are some sort of daisy-like flower but so small you can't tell until get right up close.
Dandelions are not really weeds: apart from their sunny smiles, they can be used for food and drink.
These were my favourite as a child: I picked large bunches of them on the way home from school to put in vases when I got home. Hint - they don't last long once picked.
 This is one I hate - it strangles trees, and I don't even like the flowers.
 But these, these are the very best!

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