Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Quiet Times

After the music and dancing and spending time having fun with family and friends at womad, the following weekend, Easter, was very quiet. But it is good to remember that the quiet times are good too.

On Friday we - Mac, Bob and I, went for a walk at beautiful the Ruapuke beach where 'crowded' meant there were two other groups of two people, plus another dog.
There were other signs of life of course.
And one poor chap who I found half buried in a pile of plastic rubbish (which I collected in the dog poo bag - fortunately Bob didn't do anything requiring me to empty out the bag.)  This little guy seemed happier standing on the cliff, looking out to sea.
Afterwards we called in to see friends out that way, and admired their underground home which is almost at moving-in stage. They currently live in a container house.

In between the work we did around the place, we went for other walks, and coming back up our drive we came upon this cute baby:
 And on Monday I walked down the road (Mac drove) to Mac's sister's place for lunch with Pat and Colin, Ray (Mac's brother) and Sue, and Pat's granddaughter, Hayley and fiance, Kenny. It was Pat's birthday, and lunch turned into the afternoon, and we got home just in time for dinner and a surreal sunset.


 I am reminding myself that quiet and peaceful doesn't necessarily mean boring.

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