Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Poetry - 5 things exercise

A while ago our writing group had as its topic a list of words and phrases. We had to take five of them and incorporate them into a story or poem.

The words I chose were: an old armchair, a book with the last page missing, boots, a car in a swollen river, and barbed wire.

5 things exercise

Looking out at the trees,
book fallen to the ground,
I sit in the old armchair that
now lives outside, after housing,
for three days, a mouse
who escaped the cat

My son lent me The Dreaming Void
in which the inside third
of page 53/54 was missing
which is not the same as
a book without the last page
but more puzzling.

It rained this morning:
the bush paths were wet
and water running high
over-flowed my boots
turning pink socks brown and
squelching mud between toes

On the bank of the stream
lies the shell of an old,
dangerously rusted refrigerator
which is not the same as
a car in a swollen river
and its possibility of death.

The fence around our bush
is a five strand electric one
which, I guess, prevents
the natives from escaping
but inside they are devouring
ancient barbed wire rolls.

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