Monday, November 24, 2014

November Reading


When She Came Home by Drusilla Campbell
A very powerful book about a woman who is a marine and has come back from Iraq with PTSD. It is about relationships between children and parents, between her and her husband, about right and wrong and conflicting loyalties. I struggled to keep reading at times, other times I couldn't put it down. A book to make you think and rethink. Definitely recommended.

The Mistress's Revenge by Tamar Cohen
A crazy story of an affair, marriage, children, obsession and full of twists. I really enjoy the way this woman writes:
"I often worry that I have somehow made Daniel less than he was when I first met him. That I have reduced him, like over-simmered stock."  Recommended.

The Keeper of Secrets by Julie Thomas

Story of a Jewish family and their losses, of both people and possessions in WW2, and the reclaiming of some in the present day.Somewhat far fetched but quite good all the same. The author lives in Cambridge, New Zealand.

Down To Earth by Melanie Rose
Michaela parachutes out of a plane and when she lands she finds she has been missing for 6 1/2 years. Some people think she deliberately ran off, others that she was abducted by someone, or by aliens or some kind of magical force. The reactions of both Michaela and the other people in the book are very unrealistic and in the end, hey! Unexplained magic! Don't waste your time.

Trust by Kate Veitch
Mid-life crises, teenage angst, affairs, discovering one's true passions and talents, a gay son, as well as a gay friend - it sounds dreadful but actually I really enjoyed this book about families - and trust. Recommended.

Archipelago by Monique Roffrey
A father and daughter on a journey out of grief, out of normal life. Far fetched but still believable. An exploration of that crazy, unreal space we are left in after the loss of someone dearly loved and pivotal to our lives. beautifully told.


Making Journals by Hand by Jason Thompson
Book Art Studio Handbook by Stacie Dolin & Amy Lapidow
Two books that I have been pouring over and being inspired by - I need to clean out the craft room, clear the beekeeping gear to one side, and get creating!


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