Friday, October 17, 2014

Spring Happenings

Spring always seems to sneak up on me: I think it is never going to arrive, then there's a hint of it,  and suddenly it's overwhelming me with its busyness, and I don't seem to have time to think, let alone write about it.

Mac has a new, two day a week, temporary job in Tauranga, which brings in a lot more money than lawn mowing and tree planting, but means staying away one night a week which neither of us likes.

I have a part time, casual job - my first paid employment for 34 years - taking little trees out of little pots and putting them in bigger pots for Mac to plant out next winter.
It's a dream job: working in a beautiful garden, listening to the birds, bees and butterflies busy all around, learning heaps about plants from Peter, and working more or less when it suits me.

 I need to grow some of these - Peter's have bees all over them

 I also seem to come home from work every time with a plant or a seed of some kind. These seed have sprouted and one day I hope we will have an inga bean / ice cream bean tree or two.

The elections spoiled things a bit. Well, a lot really, but it's done and we just have to live in hope of a better result next time.

As always, spring brings my birthday, and I had a lovely party.
Amy and Kim brought me three mini yard glasses for my 21stx3! And Emma brought me whisky to put in them. Very spoilt.
The family and friends came with food and drink and gifts. Simon and Rebecca brought me the beautiful print you can see on the wall above.
Outside the animals are doing what animals do. I don't know why people say, 'happy as a pig in muck,' when 'happy as a duck in muck,' is way more true, and sounds better too!

After losing my last hive, I was very sad, until someone rang and offered me a swarm of bees.

The dining area turned into a seed raising area.
The golden elm flowered,
as has the self sown hebe, carried here by a bird I presume.
The wind and rain has been overwhelming at times,
 But the wild carrot, that I love, perseveres.
The chooks are laying.
The gardens are ready
and it's really hard to wait, as we have learned is necessary here,
until the earth is a little warmer, and those spring storms have passed.
I must put the bird netting over the strawberries, but in the meantime the rhubarb keeps on giving.
The potatoes are just up.
And finally we have a kowhai that has survived long enough to flower!

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