Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Walk in our Bush

 We went for a walk in our bush today. We need to do it more often, not just when we have grandchildren here. It is such a magical place. Today Mac and I were accompanied by Spike the Cat,

Sammy, the six year old granddaughter,
 and Bob the Dog.
 We are so glad to see the nikaus coming back in the bush - there were only a couple when we came here, due to horses being allowed to graze there.
 Looking across the stream to the neighbours' island.
 The supplejacks can be hard to get through in places, but
 are great to swing on.
 I don't like spiders, but I love their amazing webs.
 Spike didn't seem to trust the little bridge that the boys built last time they were here.
 Spike ran up a tree trunk to join Sammy in the tree hut - and actually fell out!
 He was then extremely embarrassed and attacked Bob the Dog, blaming him for the fall! Poor Bob. Mac grabbed Spike and threw him in the stream where Spike had chased Bob. He was not a happy catty!
 And home.

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