Monday, October 10, 2011

First Swarm Catch

This morning I was settling down to work on my Apicultural Knowledge course when I got a phone call from the Raglan office of the Waikato District Council, asking me to come and collect a swarm of bees which was causing some concern. Oh my gosh! I have never done this before! I rang a bee friend, Jacqueline, and met her in Raglan.

 Yep, those be bees!
 Right next to the footpath.
 And pretty close to the centre of Raglan.

 Neither of us had ever collected a swarm, but at least this one was easily accessible.
 Jacqueline held the box up while I snipped the two twigs the swarm was settled on.
 Note to self: check that the pair of gloves you take actually is a pair, rather than two left gloves! Didn't get stung though.
 I shook the bees off the twigs and into the box.
 We left the bees on site to settle down,
and Jacqueline will return and collect the box tonight.

Life is exciting - so great that there are new challenges and adventures even after turning 60 three and a half weeks ago.

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