Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back Again!

This time last year I wrote about the acquisition of our new kitten, Spike, after finally giving up hope of one of our old cats ever returning: then on 17th January, just two days after we got wee Spike, Shadow returned after 7 months away.

About 5 months ago, after several absences, starting off with a couple of days then building up to longer absences, Shadow disappeared again.

Would you believe that just one day less than a year since his last reappearance, we got a call from our neighbour to say that our cat was there! Shadow is back! This time he has come back looking tired and very thin, and a bit scared of the dog and of strangers. But he seems happy to be back, and is distributing lots of cuddles to anyone who sits down. We're even letting him sleep on our bed - an unusual treat for him.

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