Saturday, March 28, 2009

Take a Chance

If you see me in the street
if you notice me walking
down, past the video store
please say ‘hello’, or briefly ‘hi’

If you notice that my hair
hasn’t fallen out in clumps
merely grown a little greyer
don’t just walk on by

At the supermarket
don’t hesitate to block the isles
to chat about how wasted
you got at last Thursday night

The cloak of invisibility
seems to have dropped
across on my shoulders,
daily growing more effective

I begin to understand
the colourful eccentricity
of some older people who once
made me laugh, nervously

Now I have started to wonder
how I can make my presence
felt in a world that doesn’t
want to see women over fifty

What shall I do to make you look
instead of sliding your eyes
around and past me -
I exist, damn it! I’m real!

I feel drawn to bright red,
high heeled, spangled boots
and maybe hair grown long,
dyed to match, glitter sprinkled

I’m drawn to the bright colours,
lush fabrics – silk, satin, velvet,
lace, appliquéd, patch worked,
embroidered, buttoned and bowed

Perhaps I’ll sing in the street if I want
or cry – why shouldn’t the old cry?
Or dance and not care any more
about how foolish I look

Go on, take a chance, say ‘hi’
before I go down that path.
If you won’t take a chance on me
I’ll have to take a few for myself


Cally said...

I rarely write on topic for my fortnightly writers' group, but decided to give it a go this time

skatey katie said...

i have the goosies.
good goosies.
and, hello, are those red glitter boots hiding underneath your jeans?
love X
PS i have finished my first uni essay - talk about labour and birth pains - and perfectionism.