Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So What Are You Going To Do Now That Jeff's At Uni?

This is the question people keep asking me. The expectation seems to be that I should get out there and retrain at the age of 57, after 28 years as a SAHM (stay at home mother).

Well, seriously folks, do you really think that is feasible? So I go back to varsity (I Know Jeff and Steve and Becca and James and everyone else these days go to uni, but I'm old: I went to varsity!) Right, so I go back to varsity and get another Bachelors' degree (3-4 years) or perhaps I could just go for a Masters - whatever - I'd be over 60 by the time I was done. With a large student loan.

Can you tell me even one employer whose preference among job applicants is for female new graduates in their 60s who have not been in paid employment for over 30 years? I thought not! Not at the best of times, and certainly not when there's an economic depression as well as the depression inside of me.

But you know, there's actually quite a lot I can do around here. Today I did a few hours gardening, weeding, clearing out the spent courgette plants, picking yet more cucumbers plus a few tomatoes.

Then those tomatoes plus the last of the 'courgettes' went into the pot to make Mrs Green's Marrow Chutney (from NZ Gardeners' Homegrown: from your plot to your pantry).

Before last winter we got several loads of firewood from our neighbour who had lots of old trees trimmed and felled. It was a warm winter! There is still a couple of trailer loads on our side of the fence, but not easily accessible - which is why we didn't get around to getting it last year. This afternoon I went and got half of it (the rest is too big for me to handle). It involved lifting, carrying and throwing each piece 3 times before I even got it to where I could load it onto the trailer. And then there was the unloading, which I did after dinner with a bit of help from Jeff.

Some people seem to think I must just sit around all day enjoying myself - but for their information, that's Shadow the Cat, not me!

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