Saturday, January 3, 2009

Taking time out

It seems like Mac rarely takes time out from working on our land except to sleep, but yesterday afternoon we decided to take his new work car for a drive and went to Kawhia for takeaways. Given the wait for takeaways in Raglan at this time of the year is around a hour, it wasn't that much more to get to Kawhia instead! Thirty five minutes driving, 10 minutes to wait for the food! Except we decided to go the long way home and visit his sister at Te Pahu.

While we were waiting for our food we watched the local rowing club take their boat out of the water just along from a pirate boat - sadly there were no pirates around, guess they were out waiting for their fish and chips too.

Then we ate our chips further around by the marae.

Mac's sister and her husband have added a beautiful room onto their house which sits up on the bush line of Pirongia, overlooking the Waikato Basin.

Then we drove home, into the sunset.

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