Monday, January 12, 2009


I really want to get back to making my own clothes, as I did from my early teens to my early 30's. I stopped because I had children - boy children who seemed to sap all my energy, who didn't care much for pretty clothes, would rather have comfortable, practical clothes, and whose births changed my body shape to one that I didn't like enough to spend time and energy on.

My friend Jenny sews beautifully and when I said I would like to start sewing again, she took me shopping for material and patterns, and then spent a considerable amount of time re-drafting the patterns so that the shirts would actually fit my strange body. There was a time when I could buy a size 12 pattern and make it up with no alterations - but that time is past. Alas, despite all this help, I still have not made the shirts. Somewhere in the last 20 years I have lost confidence.

So I decided to start on a simple beginner's project: the first thing we made in sewing class at school, an apron. I have to admit, I have been lusting after Kate's gorgeous aprons and wanting to make one for quite a while. Well, mine isn't up to Kate's standard, but for a first effort after 20 something years, made out of someone else's left over bits of material - it's not bad.

Okay, so I'm on a roll. Next up something else that requires minimal fitting - just one measurement - a sun hat.

Not sure if I'm ready for the shirts yet, but I'm having fun!


The Gorgeous Debbie said...

That's so inspiring! I keep thinking I want to make a few things, things I have a picture of in my mind, but I can't actually sew very well at all and I doubt there's a pattern out there for me (like a bikini top in my size - before you start gagging like my lovely family did, it's because I want a rash shirt this year (I've been doing a bit of - gasp! - swimming in the sea!) and my poor white never-get-any-sun shoulders are paying for it. So I figure I would like a rash shirt, but I'd like a bikini top to stop my boobs from floating out the bottom!!!! And (because said boobs weigh a bloody ton) it can't really be a halter style, you know the tie at the back of the neck ones? because that kind of stress on my neck gives me a migraine - I can only just handle the camera with the samll lens, when I put the big lens on I hve to then hang it over my shoulder)).

OMG!!!! How did this turn from "You're So Amazingly Fantabulous, Cally" to "Why don't you listen to me whinge a bit, Cally"?

Grand stuff, you're very talented at anything you turn your hand to, it seems xoxoxo

Cally said...

I wish you'd written this a week ago - I just bought a new pair of swimming togs (the only ones that I could find that fitted, sort of, both top and bottom) and have discovered for myself now the pain of halter ties, damn it! So I can totally relate to your comments, wish I couldn't.

kate5kiwis said...

wowsers - LOVE your apron cally!
and really admire your hat - i am SEW not good at pattern-following. i think it's something to do with having to make up my own rules.....

i am inspired. i grabbed a tangerine-coloured singlet top from the sallies today for TWO DOLLARS FIFTY - it still had its $25 price tag attached lol - i am thinking a bit of applique across the b**bs - seeing as this comment box has rather a b**b flavour now lol...
mwah X

Anonymous said...

I think your sewing blog made an impression in my subconcious, as I brought my machine back from Mum's last weekend, and I have already made a dress for my doll for the kids to play with.
Everything you have made so far looks fabulous, and I can't wait to see what comes next!
- Heidi.

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