Friday, June 13, 2008

A Sense of Place

There's nothing like going away from home to remind me of what is important in my life.

Friends are very important to me, which is why my youngest son and I went to Melbourne for nine days to visit our best friends. I was present at Geralyn's birth 19 years ago, and Jenny was present at my son's birth 18 years ago. They moved away when G was only three, but even though we have seen each other just twice a year or less, not only have Jenny and I remained friends, so also have Jeff and Geralyn retained an amazing connection. The internet, of course, makes things much easier than when I was his age and stuck with snail mail.

The first thing I was reminded of, was how much I really do love my husband. A lot of the time I find it easy to let Mac fall into the taken-for-granted category: being away reminded me that he has become integral a part of my life.

What I had really not realised was how much my physical environment affects me.

I need personal space: I need time and space where I can sit / blob / read / dance / sing without anyone around. I need the freedom to indulge my own silly little habits and rituals.

I need to connect to the natural world.

Even just nine days in an air conditioned, 14th floor, CBD apartment in Melbourne left me jittery, twitchy and disconnected.

Home again, I am relishing each breath of natural air: the smoky tang when the fire is burning; the sweet earthiness that rises from the soil when it rains; the scent of crushed nasturtiums as I walk back from feeding the chooks that washes away the smell of the hen house; the clean starched-sheet freshness of a frosty morning.

Despite cold, I stand outside, until my neck hurts and seizes up, looking up at the sky: the magnificence of a starry night or a country birthday bonfire far exceeds that of city lights.

It was fun visiting friends, exploring a little bit of Melbourne, but it is a very foreign place to me. Call me a country bumpkin - it's what I am, and what I am glad to be.

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kate5kiwis said...

cally, i know *exactly* what you mean. i had a weekend with The Girlfriends a couple of weeks ago, well, one friend i had met IRL once (she's a Virtual Friend), and the other four were her friends lol.
we all went on holiday to celebrate her birthday.

it was a fabulous time, but
1. i really pined for Bulldog (hubby)
2. i really pined for my babies
3. i really needed an hour on Saturday afternoon listening to MY MUSIC on iPod REALLY LOUD and singing along while
4. having a creative moment threading beads.

(the girls were oh! so patient and gracious listening to me crooning along to RHCP etc)

at least it's the little/simple things that keep us happy huh
mwah X