Friday, January 4, 2008

The Homeward Journey

As I mentioned, Marakopa is an old-fashioned kind of place, so there was no hassle about getting out of the camping ground by 10am. We had a leisurely breakfast then packed up, and headed for the Marakopa Falls, which are 35 m high, and quite wide.

The arthritis in my hip was bothering me quite a lot so I stayed at the look out point, Mac, H and C went down the muddy path a bit further, while Jeff (17) and L (12) clambered over the rocks, right out o the pool at the bottom of the falls, getting covered in mud in the process.

We then went on to the Piripiri Caves. Again, I didn't go past the entrance, worried about my hip. I'm not really all that keen on exploring underground, so didn't feel particularly deprived!

We had lunch there and a bit of a sleep / read, then on to Kawhia for an ice cream and a look around. Compared to Marakopa, Kawhia felt like a bustling metropolis! From Kawhia we went our separate ways, our friends heading back to Hamilton after a swim, while we came home to Kauroa via the direct route, albeit unsealed and somewhat corrugated in places, with several slips as well. It was still a lot shorter to come that way. It's great to go adventuring, but it's good to come home.

Sunset over Mt Karioi the night we returned home

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