Thursday, January 3, 2008


The inspiration for our trip to Marakopa was the memories of a trip there about 15 or more years ago. Seven km down the road is Kiritehere Beach, and at the southern end of the beach there are rocks. Ho hum - same as most beaches. Wrong!

In these rocks are masses of fossils - in fact some rocks are basically all fossil. To start with you see just an occasional fossil, and then as your attention focuses, you suddenly start seeing them everywhere.

It is mind-blowing somehow, seeing the fossils of creature that are 197 million years old - and made me very conscious of how incredibly insignificant I am!

In the late afternoon we went back to the beach for a swim and then spent the evening talking and playing pool and Cranium. It was so good to spend time getting to know our friends better, and to be with people with whom we all got along well.

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