Sunday, December 2, 2007

Scared and Powerless

Today I am living in a kind of bubble. It's a bit like how I felt when I was a week overdue with a baby: not really participating in the world; seeing the world as if I was looking in through a lighted window from a dark, night time distance.

Tomorrow we go to Rotorua, to the family court, to find out what the next step in the ongoing dispute between my eldest son and his ex-wife over their children. It is very scary.

When I got married, I knew there was a possibility that it wouldn't last, but I thought, and still think, I could have handled that. What I find incredibly more scary, because I am powerless, just an onlooker, is the falling apart of my son's marriage, and the fighting over the children. The accusations and counter claims. The bitterness. The meanness. The tragedy of it all. No one starts a marriage with this end in view. We all start out with love and the expectation of living happily ever after. A child's birth is celebrated by all, the baby loved and treasured.

Now here I am waiting, dreading the worst - that I might never see my beautiful grandchildren again, hoping for the best - that my son will be able to have his children live with him again.

What we will probably end up with is yet another interim state of being, another compromise while some other action and reaction is sought, more stress, more instability.

I feel scared, impotent and very old and tired.


Anonymous said...

Oh Cally...I'm thinking of you- how awful! Really it seems so unbelievable- I feel certain you will see your grandbabies again. It looks like not a good time for me to "tag" you for this blog thing, but if you do have time, or it would be a diversion- do come play the week in review with me :0)

Anonymous said...

That's me, Shell!! Sorry- I wondered why it didn't ask for a password's signed me in as my 5 yr old, lol. Cally- I'm sending so much love to you and yours for tomorrow, and I do know exactly what life is like in a bubble. I hope your son is holding up OK.

Cally said...

I'm glad you explained - I was wondering for a minute - who the hell is this Aimee who seems to know me.....

Yeah, it went not too bad - I'll email you.