Thursday, November 29, 2007


Steve (24) has just passed his first year of a jazz performance degree at Massey Albany. Well, he still has his theory result to come but there's no worries there, it's just a matter of how well he passed that paper. It's been a pretty scary time since his recital in Monday 19th November because although he played fine for the first half of the recital he totally froze up at the end, so we were worried he might fail. But he scraped through with a C+ for his Performance and Improvisation.

It's been a hard year for Steve, and also his fiance Heidi, and their friend and flatmate, James. Living away from home for the first time. For Steve it has involved the first real academic study he's ever done, given his homeschooling was towards the unschooling end of the spectrum - but he managed an A- in music history.

He says he's learned a lot, not just about music, but also about study and hopes that next year he will manage his time and study better. But in the mean time, we can all put the worry aside look forward to his wedding to Heidi in February.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for Steve...what an awesome testimony to unschooling. I can't believe they're getting married in February- that's really, really soon :0)

The Gorgeous Debbie said...

Go Steven, your first year behind you, great news! And congratulations on your pending wedding, Heidi is such a lovely lady - nothing more than deserve, I'm sure. Here's to a few more years of your degree under your belt and many more years of oneness with Heidi, love to you both xoxoxo