Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Friends, Ex-Friends and Not Really Sure

Twice I’ve asked the question:
“Have I offended you
in some way?

One answered, “Yes. You have.
Now that you mention it,
I never want to speak to you again.”
To be honest, it was a relief.

The other said, “No! It’s me.
I just can’t talk without guilt
for spreading misery.”
It was a relief to hear, and to say,
“I’m always here to listen.”

Other friends drift away.
Sometimes they drift
Sometimes it’s me
Sometimes it’s both
but rarely at the same pace.

Shared grief, shared fun.
School and uni friends.
Waiting for kids at classes friends,
Sharing stages friends.
Work mates, play mates,
book group, bee club,
best fit of the bunch.

Friends for a reason
Friends for a season
Friends for life.

I’m sad you drifted away.
I’m not going to ask the question again.
I’m not going to ponder possible reasons.
I’m not going to apportion blame.
Nor bear a grudge.

Know that I respect your choice
to distance yourself from me.
But also know that I miss you.
So if you change your mind,
just call my name
and I’ll meet you half way
with tears and laughter.

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