Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Documented Life Project: Week 7

Art Challenge: Cover up the good stuff
Journal Prompt: Going undercover

Again I have been less than inspired, and again I looked to Lorraine Bell's example page to get me going. It didn't turn out anything like hers because, a) she is an artist and I am a puddleducker; and b) things didn't work the way they did for her.

I started out, like her, writing all over the page with a waterproof pen, trying to write about the good stuff in my life. However, my pens were either way too fine, or too thick, and my handwriting is of the non-artistic messy kind. So, following her instructions, I dry brushed white gesso over the page - but somewhat more thickly than she did, so much less of the writing showed through.
Following her example again, I put drops of ink on the page, lightly brushed it, and let it run down the page before blotting with patterned paper towels. Except only the first and last steps worked - my ink or surface or both resulted in a very different look, and one that was considerably messier and less artistic!
I then diverted from her example, as I have neither water soluble crayons, nor the skill to draw with them! I sketched an umbrella shape and then cut out umbrellas from scraps of papers, some of which I had hand decorated in various ways. I pasted them on top of other papers that represent some aspects of my life, hidden and less hidden. I then drew in the handles and tops, and outlined the umbrellas.
It didn't come out the way I planned, and I am not satisfied with the background in particular, but over all it's okay. However, I am learning much about techniques and materials, which is the real point of the whole exercise for me.


Helen said...

Exploring in art is what its all about...and you are an artist! I love the feathers on the umbrellas! Wonderful!

Cally said...

Thank you, Helen - it's an honour but scary to know you looked at my blog!