Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Having lost two of my bee hives in autumn last year due to a nasty combination of varroa mites and wasps, and the third at the end of winter due to the disappearance of the queen, I managed to collect a swarm in November, and then bought two nucs. Unfortunately the cold wet November / early December meant they survived but did not thrive - a terrible beginning, and the first time I have ever fed my bees. Anyway, they have eventually come right, and should go into winter strong, provided nothing bad happens.

I didn't expect to get any honey this year, and really just wanted to get them healthy. However the swarm hive suddenly took off and we were able to harvest 10 full depth frames, and 5 3/4 depth frames - 30.522kgs!

Uncapping the honey. Note my beautiful glass bee hanging in the window - a gift from my friend, Chantal, all the way from England.

Mac spinning the honey out.
 Pale, runny honey - delicious.
 My sister-in-law, Pat, came up the road to see what it was all about, so got roped in for a while.
Mac discovering that uncapping isn't easier than I made it look!

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