Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Light Returns

It's the shortest day plus one. I hurt my back yesterday but although it's still hurting, I can't really complain: I haven't got the flu like my oldest son; my chooks are alive, the sun is shining.
 My neighbour, Otis, arrived over today with his last chook - another neighbour's dog had dug under their fence and killed their second to last chook. Which makes 25 killed chooks in 4 years. He hasn't been able to catch the dog in the act but she's been seen coming and seen going, and the other neighbour has admitted in the past that the dog had killed their own chooks so..... But this time he's back in denial. Otis asked if we'd adopt the last chook, and I agreed but said she'd probably get seriously harassed until the new pecking order was established - best practice is to never introduce fewer than 3 new hens to an established flock. However, Otis felt that would still be better than being killed by the dog! Well, the new lady strutted into the middle of the flock, had a brief fight with my number one and is completely settled in.
 The bees are out and about and bringing in food including bright orange pollen - you can see some on the legs of a bee just going into the hive.
 Grapefruit ripening: it will be marmalade time soon.
 Limes: hard to see, but they need picking and using now.
 Lemons galore.
 When we moved here, my mother-in-law gave me couple of rooted cuttings of a plant which 'is great for covering banks.' Nice to remember her by too.
 The washing's on the line drying in a gentle breeze and warm sun.
And poor me - I'm 'stuck' sitting for most of the day in a chair with a wheat-bag on my back, looking out at my bush and 'my' mountain. Mid-winter can be pretty good.

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