Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Honey Extraction Day

Waitangi Day was hot, sticky and delicious. Mac, Greg, Simon, Ti'ana and I extracted 38.4kg of honey.

First Greg and I took the honey boxes off the hives.

 Then the frames have to be uncapped.

The honey is spun out of the frames using centrifugal force.
 The honey is drained from the extractor through a tap at the bottom, and strained through cotton cloth into buckets.  (Simon actually did do some work - as did Mac - but we don't seem to have any photos to prove it.)
Despite appearances, I was actually pouring the honey into glass jars, not into the tadpole tank.
 And honey!
Then clean up - the yummiest time of the day!
A job well done - thanks Simon, Greg and Ti'ana.

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