Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hugelkultur 2 and Chooks

Today I went and got four new pullets to add to my flock. Last year I tried raising chicks from eggs, but it proved to be an expensive and heartbreaking business, so this year I went back to letting someone else do the hard stuff.

When we got home with them, I let the old ladies out of their run, which I've been doing a bit lately, and shut the four new chooks in the run to get to know their new home unmolested. It must have worked because two of them promptly laid eggs!
 The old ladies suddenly realised that their gate was shut, and that there were strangers in their run and kicked up quite a fuss. For the first time they were keen to get back into the run where they proceeded to argue among themselves for sometime, but nothing as vicious as past introductions, so I'm thinking that having the old hens return to the run after the new ones had made themselves at home may have made the difference.
Meanwhile, Mac got to play with the tractor and dug out a bit of a trench for the hugelkultur bed. We also found some suitable rotting logs to put into the bottom of the trench next. But mostly, Mac had fun.

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