Thursday, August 1, 2013

This is Not a Garden Shed

We have a double garage but no garden shed. In the garage the Important Stuff is kept

This is Important Stuff, even though it could be mistaken for a garden shed.

 I am allowed one small corner to keep garden stuff in. It is a corner, not a garden shed.

The rest of my garden stuff is kept here. This is not a garden shed.

Then the wind blows.

This is not a garden shed.

This could be a garden shed. It just needs taking out of its packaging and erecting somewhere outside the garage.

When we bought our land, someone told Mac, "make sure you build the garage before the house, or you'll never get one."  Pity they didn't tell me, "make sure you build the garden shed before the garage, or you'll never get one."  Sigh.


Anthony Caple @ Classic Buildings said...

That's a lot of important stuff. How do you find anything in that garage? And I find it funny that there's a disassembled shed in there too.

Cally said...

I very raely find anything I want in there, Anthony, but The Husband manages - he has things catalogued inside his head, I guess. And yes, it is kinda crazy to have a shed in the 'shed'. One day, one day :)