Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shopping at The Scullery

I have been without a food processor for over a year, and finally went shopping. I have had so many food processors over the years that haven't worked well, and which have died before what I consider their time. So this time I spent up large and bought a bright red masterpiece - I hope!
 The previous evening I had collected some compost potatoes (you know, the accidental spuds that grow out of the side of the compost heap long before the planted ones are ready) and, with a sudden glimpse of reality, realised that my old plastic Tupperware colander was way past its use by date: cracked, scratched and stained. So while I was in The Scullery buying my Magimix, imagine my delight on finding this enamelled colander, just like my mother had a million years ago.

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