Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Collecting a Swarm of Bees

This afternoon I got a phone call about collecting a swarm of bees, and rang one of Mac's workmates as she was keen to get some bees. When I got there I discovered that we had to walk a short distance to get them.

  The bees were very conveniently sitting low down on a lime tree

 Aren't they just beautiful?

 But to get to the bees when you have come straight from your office job means you haven't really got the right footwear, so it's barefoot time.

 Ouch! cold water, sharp stones!
 The taker and the giver.
 Ready - then I had to put the camera down to help.
 Love the safety boots - this is seriously upmarket beekeeping gear!
In the box....

 ....and gone.

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